When Gold Coast Met Princeton

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This photoshoot started out as a marketing reparation to my sister for keeping me blessed with flawless African print outfits. But in between staged candids and “playing” croquet against the backdrop of quintessential Princeton, I realized that our little afternoon distraction had become something greater than ourselves.

DSC_0053 copy

Over my time here, I have heard many black women on this campus voice out a feeling of invisibility, of forgetting their infinite beauty, of not quite belonging. We may all respond to this sentiment differently–by recoiling or conforming to this space, creating our own spaces to thrive in, or numbing ourselves to discomfort. 

But I am of the strong opinion that you all belong here, you imprint your presence on this campus’ memory, and you tranform what it means to be a Princetonian.

Nearing the end of the shoot, an Asian tourist asked if her teenage daughter could have a photo…

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SEGU -The Blog. [Musings of a Logophile]

Black and Proud

First they called us Negroes

Then they called us coloured, when all we were was us

They killed all our heroes

Fought against our freedom;determined to keep us in the past

But Glory Hallelujah! Today we’re free

Or so we have believed

For as we look around,though slaves we may not be

Our past is again relived

Now we’re not content with who we are

With our beautiful coloured skin

We ‘tone’ and ‘clear’ without a care

And our pride-with the skin-wears thin

Such beautiful ebony skin we have!

Much pride we should take in that!

Light-skinned, really?!

That’s what we want?? Have a gender transplant with that!

Now black’s not black

There’s a lot of segregation

Which really musn’t be!

So shout it loud! Say it loud!

We’re black, and black we’ll be.

Love the skin, love the heritage

Stay true to the parentage.

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